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Re: Should we drop XP?


On 31 March 2015 at 21:58, Allin Cottrell <cottrell@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>> so I was wondering if for 3.18/2.46 if we should drop XP. I think it would
>> make our life easier and anyway why do we need to support something that
>> microsoft is also not supporting?
> For 3.18 that sounds fine. But why 2.46? I mean, if gtk2 is itself
> considered "legacy" (though personally I stil like it fine), why drop XP
> support?

I assume that 2.46 is GLib, not GTK+ 2.x, since GTK+ 2 got to 2.24.

It probably means that you'll only be able to build GTK+ 2.24 on
Windows with an older copy of GLib, which I think it's perfectly fine.
Newer versions of GLib introduce new API and deprecate other API, so
you cannot really expect GTK+ 2.x to be buildable with bleeding edge
GLib forever.

Considering that GTK+ 3.x has also been improving Windows support, and
that improvement has not manifested on the gtk-2-24 branch, I'd say
that keeping to older versions of GLib and GTK+ on an unsupported
released of Windows is not entirely unreasonable.


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