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Alternative to gtk_widget_insert_action_group in Gtk 3.4

Hello everyone,

in my program I recently migrated away from GtkUiBuilder to GtkBuilder and from GtkActionGroup to GActions and family. Now I have a GtkMenu which is called as a context menu and build from a GMenuModel. I am using ActionMaps and an ActionGroup to add several GActions and connect them to the menu. Then I add accelerator path's to connect some reconfigurable hotkeys. This all works.

However to connect the action group to the GtkMenu I use: gtk_widget_insert_action_group and I just noticed that this is only available in Gtk3.6. As everything else in my app is compatible with Gtk3.4 I would hate to loose compatibility with 3.4. My question is, if there is an alternative to this function that I can use with Gtk3.4? In other words, how can I add a GActionGroup to a GtkMenu in Gtk 3.4?

I do not use GtkApplication btw.

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