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Re: recently-used.xbel

On Wed, 28 Jan 2015 15:23:41 +0000
John Emmas <johne53@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks guys.  I only managed to return to this today but after
> following your advices, I've managed to set up a working handler
> function.  I can iterate over my Gtk::RecentManager entries and
> remove any that I don't want.  However I've hit a couple of things
> that I'm not understanding....  I'm using
> Gtk::RecentManager::get_items() to return a std::vector which
> contains my current RecentManager entries:-
> https://developer.gnome.org/gtkmm/stable/classGtk_1_1RecentManager.html#a912d8842be7d550b1ff30dbe4f36636c
> According to the above documentation, once I've finished doing
> whatever I'm doing, I need to call 'Gtk::RecentInfo::unref()' for
> each entry in the vector.  The first problem is that the relevant
> function is called 'unreference()' (rather than 'unref()') so the
> documentation needs to be corrected.
> The second problem is that (after I've unreferenced all the entries)
> I'm supposed to call Glib::list_free()' to free the returned list
> (which is in fact, a vector).  And there's no such function as
> 'Glib::list_free()' AFAICT.  I'm using glibmm ver2.42.0.  Am I
> looking in the wrong place?

It's automatically generated from the C documentation.  Just ignore it:
since the object is held by Glib::RefPtr it will free itself when no
further references are held (or at least, if it doesn't it is a bug).

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