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Re: [PATCH] userdiff: two simplifications of patterns for rust

On Thu, May 30 2019, Johannes Sixt wrote:

> - Do not enforce (but assume) syntactic correctness of language
>   constructs that go into hunk headers: we only want to ensure that
>   the keywords actually are words and not just the initial part of
>   some identifier.
> - In the word regex, match numbers only when they begin with a digit,
>   but then be liberal in what follows, assuming that the text that is
>   matched is syntactially correct.

I don't know if this is possible for Rust (but very much suspect so...),
but I think that in general we should aim to be more forgiving than not
with these patterns.

Because, as the history of userdiff.c shows, new keywords get introduced
into these languages, and old git versions survive for a long time. If
the syntax is otherwise fairly regular perhaps we don't need to hardcode
the list of existing keywords?