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possible submodule bug?

Hi. I'm running git version 2.13.2.windows.1.  My coworker has the same behavior with 2.21.0.windows.1.

I recently set up a git submodule by doing "git submodule add https://github.com/VoltServer/example";.  Based on our teams preference, I then tried to update .gitmodules to use the alternate URL "git@xxxxxxxxxx:VoltServer/example.git".  When I manually edited the .gitmodules file, I failed to type it in correctly, instead providing "git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example" (I think the same problem applies for any malformed URL).  After my coworker pulled this commit and tried to init the submodule we realized my mistake.  So, I fixed .gitmodules to use the correct URL, committed, and he pulled again.  Despite now having the correct URL, his superproject clone still failed to clone the submodule.  I found a workaround, but I'm not certain if the workaround was valid or not.

Here are the recreation steps:

mkdir example
cd example
mkdir a
cd a
git init
touch foo
git add foo
git commit -m "Initial commit."
git submodule add https://github.com/VoltServer/example
git commit -m "Add submodule."
vim .gitmodules // edit as described above
git add .gitmodules
git commit -m "Update to wrong URL in .gitmodules."
cd ..
git clone a b
cd b
git submodule update --init

That last command gives the following output:

Submodule 'example' (git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example) registered for path 'example'
fatal: repository 'git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example' does not exist
fatal: clone of 'git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example' into submodule path 'C:/projects/temp/example/b/example' failed
Failed to clone 'example'. Retry scheduled
fatal: repository 'git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example' does not exist
fatal: clone of 'git@xxxxxxxxxx/VoltServer/example' into submodule path 'C:/projects/temp/example/b/example' failed
Failed to clone 'example' a second time, aborting

If I now edit .gitmodules to reflect the correct URL:

cd ../a
vim .gitmodules // format the URL correctly
git add .gitmodules
git commit -m "Fix .gitmodules URL."
cd ../b
git pull
git submodule update --init

This gives the same error message as before, except with the first line about registering the submodule missing.

I've found a workaround if I manually edit .git/config in each clone to reflect the correct URL.  After doing that, running "git submodule update --init" works as expected.

My understanding is that I shouldn't ever have to edit anything in the .git directory.  So, have I found a bug with .gitmodules being ignored after adding a given submodule?  Or is this just user error, a case of "Don't do that.  Initialize the submodule with the correct URL and move on."?


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