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Re: Q: git describe --always --tags .. gives "warning: tag 'tag1' is really 'tag2' here"

"Ulrich Windl" <Ulrich.Windl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So I got the response:
> warning: tag 'isredir-0.3.0' is really 'iredir-0.3.0' here
> isredir-0.3.0-3-gaf467c7

I suspect that "git cat-file tag isredir-0.3.0" would begin like

	$ git cat-file tag iredir-0.3.0
	object .....
	type commit
	tag isredir-0.3.0
	tagger ...

Notice that "tag" line records the true name of that tag, which does
not match where you stored that tag in refs/tags/ hierarchy?

While trying to describe af467c7 by following its ancestry and
finding the ancestor three generations ago, the command found
refs/tags/iredir-0.3.0 and then noticed that discrepancy, which is
what the warning is about.

Imagine you have only v1.0.0 (which is with known issues) but
somebody did "cd .git/refs/tags && mv v1.0.0 v1.1.0" in an attempt
to fool you.  The fact that your 'master' is a bit ahead of the
commit that was tagged with the tag object (which is v1.0.0 but
pretending to be v1.1.0) can be seen with "describe", but the
command is careful enough to use the real version number
(i.e. v1.0.0) and not the refname (i.e. v1.1.0).