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Q: git describe --always --tags .. gives "warning: tag 'tag1' is really 'tag2' here"


I have a project that changed its name some time ago (from "isredir" to "iredir"), so I added another tag for the same commit ID (What's the command to show the commit IDs for tags, BTW?: "git tag -v" does not.

As part of the build process, I run (for example) "git describe --always --tags af467c7".
So I got the response:
warning: tag 'isredir-0.3.0' is really 'iredir-0.3.0' here

I'm unsure what the message is actually saying: The hash cannot be resolved in a unique way?

I just see two tags remaining in refs:
> ls .git/refs/tags/
iredir-0.3.0  iredir-0.3.1