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Re: 'git stash list' => Segmentation fault

On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 04:29:13PM -0500, Brendan Boerner wrote:

> To answer your previous question I'm using git v2.21.0. I'm using the
> Ubuntu 14.04 PPA as well as Linuxbew (also v2.21.0).
> Your help helped me narrow this down to linuxbrew. Take it out of my
> path no segfault.
> Uninstall linuxbrew git, linuxbrew still in PATH, use PPA git, segfault.
> Narrowed down further to be the "gettext" package - remove it from
> linuxbrew and PPA git stash list => no segfault.
> I'll ping the Linuxbrew folks.

Ah, that makes sense. You're indeed running the shell version, and it's
invoking "gettext" for messages, which is probably what's segfaulting.
And that explains the multiple segfaults and the fact that they didn't
actually cause the overall operation to fail.

So probably nothing here for Git to fix. Thanks for following up with
the resolution!