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Re: [PATCH] compat/vcbuild/README: clean/update 'vcpkg' env for Visual Studio updates

Hi Philip,

On Tue, 28 May 2019, Philip Oakley wrote:

> On 28/05/2019 14:56, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
> > Did you mean to send this upstream or to Git for Windows?
> >
> > I didn't think that the VS2015/VS2017 vcpkg-aware version of
> > compat/vcbuild/* had made it upstream yet, so this patch might not
> > apply upstream.
> Ah, that would be my mistake.

An understandable one, as I had originally planned on trying to get the
MSVC/Visual Studio patches into git.git after the v2.21.0 release.

However, I deemed the built-in `add -p` a bit more pressing, as it
directly affects my workflow, and the MSVC patches already made it into
Git for Windows (and are continuously tested by our Azure Pipeline).

My current plan is to "upstream" the MSVC patches directly after v2.22.0
is out.