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git filter-branch re-write history over a range of commits did notwork

Hi team,

    The issue comes from https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/2206.


    I want to re-write history by filter-branch command over a range of commits, but the command did not work.

    I have referred to the following three documentation about how to use git filter-branch:





    You can reproduce the problem by the following steps

    1. clone the repository https://github.com/chucklu/LeetCode/

    2. checkout to the temp branch

    3. run the command git filter-branch --env-filter 'export GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="$GIT_AUTHOR_DATE"' ... 67d9d9..f70bf4

    4. You will got the info "Found nothing to rewrite"


    However, it was supposed to overwrite the history from commit 9c1580 to commit f70bf4, make the commit date same as date.

    I am not sure if I am using the filter-branch correctly, or if there is a bug in git?


   Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.


Chuck Lu