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git archive generates tar with malformed pax extended attribute


git archive can generate a malformed tar archive. bsdtar reports the
error "tar: Ignoring malformed pax extended attribute" when reading
the archive. Go's "tar/archive" package also reports the error
"archive/tar: invalid tar header". However, BusyBox's tar does not
report the error (unsure if it just has less error logging).

I can reproduce this when generating the tar on linux and mac. I
tested this with "git version 2.21.0" and a build of next I did today:
"git version 2.22.0.rc1.257.g3120a18244"


  $ git clone https://github.com/SSW-SCIENTIFIC/NNDD.git
  $ cd NNDD
  $ git archive --format tar c21b98da2ca7f007230e696b2eda5da6589fe137
| tar tf - > /dev/null
  tar: Ignoring malformed pax extended attribute
  tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

Kind Regards,