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Re: [PATCH] send-email: Add an option to suppress adding a specific email address

On Thu, May 23 2019, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> Make it easy to suppress stable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Long story short it
> is desirable to have ``Cc: stable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' on many bug fixes
> sent to the linux kernel.  It is not always desirable to actually the
> stable maintainer immediately as the patches are still being reviewed
> etc.  Actually cc'd the stable maintainers in the linux kernel is not
> even really necessary as they will always find the tag after the patch
> has been merged in the commit body.
> So I am adding yet another suppress command "suppress-addr" that will
> take an email address keep that email address from being automatically
> added to a destination the email will be sent to.

I have a rewrite of much of the adjacent code queued in "next", can you
check if applying it to that branch makes this work as you expect?

Whether it does or not, this change should have a corresponding test
update to t/t9001-send-email.sh, so we can just run that to see if it's
doing the right thing.