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git describe/contains for submodule commits


I've had a few times where I was curious of when a submodule got set
to a specific commit.

I noticed that git describe has "blob" support, which outputs something like


using the revision walking machinery.

I'm curious if anyone knows if that sort of revision walk could be
expected to find the first treeish that had a submodule commit instead
of a blob.

I'm not that familiar with the revision walking, so I was hoping to
get some pointers of whre to look before I began implementing.

Ultimately, I'd like to have some sort of command like:

  git submodule contains <submodule> <commit id>

and have it try to figure out the most recent commit htat has a
submodule change for which the submodule is a child of the specified
submodule commit.

I can sort of reverse engineer this through git log, but it's slow and
tedious, so I was hoping to be able to implement it into a revision
walk that did this.

Once I know the commit that introduces the submodule change, I could
feed that to git describe --contains to find the tag/version which
included the change easily enough.