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Re: standalone library/tool to query commit-graph?

On 5/22/2019 2:49 PM, Karl Ostmo wrote:
> After producing the file ".git/objects/info/commit-graph" with the
> command "git commit-graph write", is there a way to answer queries
> like "git merge-base --is-ancestor" without having a .git directory?
> E.g. is there a library that will operate on the "commit-graph" file
> all by itself?

You could certainly build such a tool, assuming your merge-base parameters are
full-length commit ids. If you try to start at ref names, you'll need the .git

I would not expect such a tool to ever exist in the Git codebase. Instead, you
would need a new project, say "graph-analyzer --graph=<path> --is-ancestor <id1> <id2>"