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Incorrect diff-parseopt conversion?

Hi Duy,

I am in the middle of rebasing a long running branch onto
current master (v2.22.0-rc1) and noticed something odd with
commit af2f368091 ("diff-parseopt: convert --output-*",

As part of the branch I am rebasing, I have defined a new
OPT_LL_CALLBACK() macro[1], which I had intended to apply to
the 'output' option to diff. However, commit af2f368091
defines that option thus:

+               { OPTION_CALLBACK, 0, "output", options, N_("<file>"),
+                 N_("Output to a specific file"),
+                 PARSE_OPT_NONEG, NULL, 0, diff_opt_output },

Note that the 'option type' is given as OPTION_CALLBACK, not
as OPTION_LOWLEVEL_CALLBACK. Is this intended?

Ramsay Jones

[1] Yes, the reason my branch is long running is because
we keep changing the same files! We have both defined new
OPT_() macros, some with the same name ... ;-)