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Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] Doc: git.txt: remove backticks from link and add git-scm.com/docs

On 16/05/2019 02:56, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Philip Oakley <philipoakley@xxxxxxx> writes:

While checking the html formatted git(1) manual page, it was noted
that the link to https://git.github.io/htmldocs/git.html was formatted
as code. Remove the backticks.
Good.  I just ran

	$ git grep '`https*://' Documentation/

to see if any hits I see are for the real URL the user may want to
click on.  There are some that are pointing at real sites, but I do
not think users would want to clickon  many of them while reading the
I'd had a quick brows and mainly found example.com ;-) Any other excepts were at the other end of the doc relative to git(1)...

Except perhaps for these to see what's there:

Documentation/git-archimport.txt:	Attempt to auto-register archives at `http://mirrors.sourcecontrol.net`
That domain is gone. Whole line should probably be removed.

Documentation/git-cvsimport.txt:* cvs2git (part of cvs2svn), `http://subversion.apache.org/`

Still there. Still updated - last news 2019-04-24. Could remove backticks.