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Re: [PATCH v3] userdiff.c & doc/gitattributes.txt: add Octave

Johannes Sixt <j6t@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> In Matlab, is %%% followed by space at the beginning of a line
> *commonly* used for something different? If I were to make a guess, I
> would say no. If I'm right, it does not hurt to merge the Octave rules
> into the Matlab rules.

That is true because we are not syntax-aware and error-highlighting
text editor.  If we were, I'd suspect that your stance may probably
be different.  But instead we apply these patterns to a program that
is assumed to be correctly written.

And from that point of view, I agree with you that it would not hurt
to make the existing patterns for Matlab slightly more receptive so
that a correctly written programs in either language would be matched

But would it hurt to have two similar entries, with a clear
description on how they are different, in our code there, given how
infrequently individual entries have historically been updated?