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Re: How to exchange rerere/redo resolutions?

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>     if test -s "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_RR"
>> It's not clear if that is an internal implementation detail, or a
>> mistaken use of a historic path name. Can anyone enlighten me?
> Historic? No, this is path.c now on master:
>     path.c:1454:REPO_GIT_PATH_FUNC(merge_rr, "MERGE_RR")
> Internal, sure. We don't document it so it could change in theory, but
> then we'd probably change rerere-train.sh along with it...

Doesn't the function defined by REPO_GIT_PATH_FUNC() do far more
than a simple concatenation?  I suspect that he questions why
"$GIT_DIR/MERGE_RR" is an OK substitute for that.

The $GIT_DIR variable in the script is set by inclusion of
git-sh-setup, that runs "git rev-parse --git-dir"; in post "git
worktree" world, where ".git" may be a "gitdir: $real_location" text
file, this will give the actual directory, not the path to a regular
file at the top of the working tree whose name is ".git", so the
answer to the question is that the concatenation we see should be
OK, even in the "git worktree" world.