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Re: [PATCH v2] status: add an empty line when there is no hint

Hi Junio,

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> 於 2019年5月14日 週二 下午3:33寫道:
> "brian m. carlson" <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 02:51:37PM +0900, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> >> If the difference between "status" and "commit" bothers you so much,
> >> i.e.
> >>
> >>     When typing "git status", there is an empty line between the
> >>     "Changes not staged for commit:" block and the list of changed
> >>     files. However, when typing "git commit" with no files added,
> >>     there are no empty lines between them.
> >>
> >> it may not be a bad idea to try making them consistent by removing
> >> the blank line that is given after the advice messages, perhaps?
> >
> > I personally think the extra blank line aids readability, especially on
> > screens with small text, but I'll defer to your decision on this.
> Heh, now we established that this is primarily of personal tastes,
> if you leave it up to me, my preference would be different from what
> was said in the thread so far.
>  - I do not mind having an extra blank line in the log message
>    editor session "git commit" gives me, primarily because at that
>    point I am in a full-screen editor that I can scroll up and down
>    at ease.

I was not talking about the messages in the editor session. I was
talking about "git commit" without "git add" anything.

For example:

$ touch newfile.txt
$ git commit
On branch master
Untracked files:

nothing added to commit but untracked files present

My current patch is trying to add an empty line between
"Untracked files:" and "newfile.txt".

>  - "git status" output, on the other hand, is shown in the context
>    where vertical screen real estate is more precious (I do not say
>    "git -p status"); I'd probably be happier without these empty
>    lines.
> But following the above two would mean that the result will still
> leave difference between the commands; the original justificaiton
> will not apply to such a change.

With my above clarification, I guess your two use cases will be the
same: the messages will appear on the console screen. That leads
to a conclusion: we should save vertical screen space. I am working
on a new patch to achieve that.

> At the same time, I think I've been happy enough with the current
> output from both commands, so if you let me bikeshed freely, I'd
> probably pick "let's not change anything then" ;-)

John Lin