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git blame doesn't respect diff algorithm?


It seems like there is a bug in git blame where it doesn't respect the
diff algorithm setting. It happily parses it on the command line, but
there is no change to the output.

The problem materialises in that git blame will claim a line comes from
a certain commit. But when I do "git show --patience" on that commit,
the relevant line was not changed.

I could not find anything about this on the mailing list, so is this a
previously overlooked issue?

If you want to test it for your self, then do:

 1. Clone tigervnc's git repo
 2. git blame --patience vncviewer/DesktopWindow.cxx
 3. Check line 906, it should say 7e546feba
 4. git show --patience 7e546feba

This was with git-2.20.1-1.fc29.x86_64.

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