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[PATCH v2 0/7] Multiple hook support

This series introduces multiple hook support.

I've thought a lot about the discussion over whether this series should
use the configuration as the source for multiple hooks. Ultimately, I've
come to the decision that it's not a good idea. Even adopting the empty
entry as a reset marker, the fact that inheritance in the configuration
is in-order and can't be easily modified means that it's not likely to
be very useful, but it is likely to be quite surprising for the average
user. I think a solution that sticks with the existing model and builds
off a design used by other systems people are familiar with, like cron
and run-parts, is going to be a better choice. Moreover, this is the
design that people have already built with outside tooling, which is a
further argument in favor of it.

I have adopted one configuration-based option, which is the per-hook
errorBehavior option that Peff suggested. I think this reduces concerns
over what the best error handling strategy is and is a good thing to
have as part of a minimum viable product. I picked the names that Peff
chose, but if people like different names better, they can be changed.

Just as a preview of what's coming down the line, I plan to build on
this series to notify hooks when --quiet and --dry-run options have been
specified to commands so that they may honor them if they choose.

Changes from v1:
* Adopted several improvements from Duy's series, including an improved
  find_hooks prototype and a helper function.
* Switched to existence checks instead of executability checks for
  determining whether to invoke multiple hooks.
* Adjusted the commit message for patch 3.
* Added error behavior control using the names Peff provided in his
* Added documentation.

brian m. carlson (7):
  run-command: add preliminary support for multiple hooks
  builtin/receive-pack: add support for multiple hooks
  rebase: add support for multiple hooks
  builtin/worktree: add support for multiple post-checkout hooks
  transport: add support for multiple pre-push hooks
  config: allow configuration of multiple hook error behavior
  docs: document multiple hooks

 Documentation/config.txt           |   2 +
 Documentation/config/hook.txt      |  19 ++
 Documentation/githooks.txt         |   9 +
 builtin/am.c                       |  20 +--
 builtin/commit.c                   |   2 +-
 builtin/receive-pack.c             |  78 ++++----
 builtin/worktree.c                 |  44 +++--
 config.c                           |  27 +++
 run-command.c                      | 175 +++++++++++++++---
 run-command.h                      |  22 ++-
 sequencer.c                        |  59 ++++---
 sequencer.h                        |   2 +
 t/lib-hooks.sh                     | 274 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 t/t5403-post-checkout-hook.sh      |   8 +
 t/t5407-post-rewrite-hook.sh       |  15 ++
 t/t5516-fetch-push.sh              |  30 ++++
 t/t5571-pre-push-hook.sh           |  19 ++
 t/t7503-pre-commit-hook.sh         |  15 ++
 t/t7505-prepare-commit-msg-hook.sh |   9 +
 transport.c                        |  29 +--
 20 files changed, 730 insertions(+), 128 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/config/hook.txt
 create mode 100644 t/lib-hooks.sh