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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.22.0-rc0

-CC lkml & git-packagers.

Some suggestions for fixes in RelNotes & last-minute observations:

On Mon, May 13 2019, Junio C Hamano wrote:

>  * "git stash" has been rewritten in C.

I just noticed that stash.useBuiltin added in 90a462725e ("stash:
optionally use the scripted version again", 2019-02-25) doesn't have
docs like rebase.useBuiltin d8d0a546f0 ("rebase doc: document
rebase.useBuiltin", 2018-11-14).

>  * Mechanically and systematically drop "extern" from function
>    declarlation.


>  * The script to aggregate perf result unconditionally depended on
>    libjson-perl even though it did not have to, which has been
>    corrected.

Trivial, but maybe s/libjson-perl/JSON.pm/, i.e. use the Perl way of
referring to it, not Debian's package name.

>  * Build update for SHA-1 with collision detection.
>    (merge 07a20f569b jk/sha1dc later to maint).

Hopefully my just-sent follow-up to this will make it for 2.22.0...

>  * "git chery-pick" (and "revert" that shares the same runtime engine)