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Re: How to exchange rerere/redo resolutions?

Hi All,

On 10/05/2019 15:59, Philip Oakley wrote:
You can publish your merged branch somewhere, and others can use
contrib/rerere-train.sh to learn from the resolution.

Supposedly, I've never actually used it...

Does the contrib/rerere-train.sh actually work? I'm reading the code to ensure I understand what rerere/redo is doing, and in the training it tries to detect MERGE_RR via L87

    if test -s "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_RR"

It's not clear if that is an internal implementation detail, or a mistaken use of a historic path name. Can anyone enlighten me?

The tricky part is when the patch series doesn't apply so the conflict isn't yet on any branch..
When copying patches across to Git for Windows, the conflict resolution can be tricky.