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Re: git --help not actually showing the git(1) help page..

Hi Peff
On 13/05/2019 21:53, Jeff King wrote:
On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 09:47:27PM +0100, Philip Oakley wrote:

Is there a cli way, especially on Git for Windows bash, to get the html man
page of git(1)? I have it on my system, so can go via another page but..

All the `git <cmd> --help` appear to work, but I can't determine the correct
invocation for bringing up the stupid content tracker's page in the browser.
Previously I'd have expected either `git --help` or `git git --help` to work
(can't remember which). The former only produces the short form -h help in
the bash window, the latter says 'git' isn't a command.
Try "git help git".
Ahh, that's the one. I'd totally forgot about that method.

It might be worth mentioning it in the paragraph at the end of "git
True. I'll stick on my todo list, along with adding to the general usage message. Possibly "Or `git help git`."

On GfW I commonly use the `git <cmd> --help` when things go wrong, so making the response to that give the right advice would be good. (It's almost the same isue as `git --version`).