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Re: Request to add option to interactive rebase to preserve latest commit date

On 07/05/2019 05:19, Junio C Hamano wrote:
The principle is "the bulk of the work was done in A, no matter what
is done incrementally by squashing in or amending small refinements;
the primary authorship date and time stays the same as the original".

When the person who is correcting other's change with --amend makes
a contribution that is substantial enough such that the amended HEAD
no longer resembles the original HEAD, there is a mechanism to let
the amender take authorship,
IIUC the effective change in authorship was noted in another thread about a perceived problem in rebase, and it just bit me as well recently (and the Github PR bot rejected my series for a mismatched author/sign-off :-(.

If a commit is edited in a `rebase -i` then I think the same can happen, resulting in the same user surprise at the change. Possibly a simple documentation note may help reduce user surprise.
i.e. do this at the last step instead

	$ git commit --reset-author --amend -a

in the second sequence.  I do not think there currently is an
equivalent in "rebase -i" language to do so.