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Re: How to exchange rerere/redo resolutions?

Hi Torsten,

On 10/05/2019 15:05, Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 12:23:28AM +0100, Philip Oakley wrote:

Is there a mechanism for exchanging the rerere resolutions, so that future
fixups, e.g. future clashes on pu rather than master, can be sent with patch

My current use case that there is a large patch [1] for updating long to
size_t for use on Windows, which notes that it will have clashes with pu,
but doesn't appear to have any method  of sending a rerere resolution (which
the author is already aware of) to the list. Being able to flag up such
fixes should simplify such conflict resolutions.

I had some very rough ideas about how the resolutions should look rather
similar to three-way conflict markers, with the resolution as the 'base'
(between the ||| - ||| marks), which would be resolved via a --base merge

However if there is already a method for exchanging resolutions, where
should I look?


[1] <20190413151850.29037-1-tboegi@xxxxxx> [PATCH v3 1/1] Use size_t instead
of 'unsigned long' for data in memory


That is not an answer to the question.
If it helps, I can rebase the first patch onto git.git/master, and the
cherry-pick the next patches. That can happen next week or so.
And then let it go through the normal pu->next->master->git-for-windows workflow.

Thanks for the offer, but I should be OK. dscho has already asked that for testing on Git for Windows I rebase my series back onto master, rather than pu. The series is at https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/pull/2179#issuecomment-491095412