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How to exchange rerere/redo resolutions?


Is there a mechanism for exchanging the rerere resolutions, so that future fixups, e.g. future clashes on pu rather than master, can be sent with patch series?

My current use case that there is a large patch [1] for updating long to size_t for use on Windows, which notes that it will have clashes with pu, but doesn't appear to have any method  of sending a rerere resolution (which the author is already aware of) to the list. Being able to flag up such fixes should simplify such conflict resolutions.

I had some very rough ideas about how the resolutions should look rather similar to three-way conflict markers, with the resolution as the 'base' (between the ||| - ||| marks), which would be resolved via a --base merge strategy.

However if there is already a method for exchanging resolutions, where should I look?


[1] <20190413151850.29037-1-tboegi@xxxxxx> [PATCH v3 1/1] Use size_t instead of 'unsigned long' for data in memory