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Re: Proposal: Remembering message IDs sent with git send-email

Drew DeVault <sir@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> --in-reply-to=ask doesn't exist, that's what I'm looking to add. This
> convenient storage mechanism is exactly what I'm talking about. Sorry
> for the confusion.

Using Net::NNTP to query NNTP servers using ->xover([recent-ish
range]) to scan for Message-IDs and Subjects matching the
current ident could be an option, too.

It could cache the xover result for --dry-run and format-patch
cases; and Net::NNTP is a standard Perl module.  Going online
to do this query also benefits people who work across different
machines/environments, as it's one less thing to sync.

Fwiw, this list has:

And there's a bunch of kernel lists at nntp://nntp.lore.kernel.org/