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config file not being copied from templates folder

The “git init” documentation for the “Template Directory” states that:

“Files and directories in the template directory whose name do not
start with a dot will be copied to the $GIT_DIR after it is created.”

However, I put a file called “config” in this directory, and it was
not copied to the .git directory after running “git init”.  Instead
there is always the same old default config file there (and I don’t
know where this file comes from).

I don’t know any other way of changing the default local config file
used for new repos.  I really want to change this default config file
because I want to use “symlinks=true” in all new repos, regardless of
what git was told to do about symlinks when it was installed.

(In my case, the chocolatey installer that installs git seems to
disable symlinks no matter what).

Jack Zylkin