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Re: Proposal: Remembering message IDs sent with git send-email

On 2019-05-08  5:19 PM, Emily Shaffer wrote:
> What I think might be useful (and what I was hoping you were going to
> talk about when I saw the subject line) would be if the Message-Id is
> conveniently stored during `git send-email` on v1 and somehow saved in a
> useful place in order to apply to the In-Reply-To field on v2
> automatically upon `git format-patch -v2`. I'll admit I didn't know
> about --in-reply-to=ask and that helps with the pain point I've
> experienced sending out v2 before.

--in-reply-to=ask doesn't exist, that's what I'm looking to add. This
convenient storage mechanism is exactly what I'm talking about. Sorry
for the confusion.