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Re: [PATCH 2/2] format-patch: Make --base patch-id output stable

Quoting Junio C Hamano (2019-05-06 21:38:24)
> Stephen Boyd <sboyd@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I wonder if we need to make some other sort of form of
> > "prerequisite-patch-id:" here and let that be a legacy form of the
> > patch-id so that users know that they have a fixed version of this code?
> > Maybe "prerequisite-stable-patch-id:"? Or we don't have to care because
> > it's been broken for anything besides the most trivial type of patches
> > and presumably users aren't able to use it with 'patch-id --stable'?
> Do projects actively use -O<orderfile> when generating the patches?
> I had an impression that not many do, and without -O<orderfile> in
> the picture, --unstable/--stable would not matter, no?
> So, I am not sure if this matters very much in practice.

I'm not really concerned with projects using -O<orderfile> for patch
generation. I'm concerned that the documentation told users to use
--stable and that didn't work for me when there was more than one hunk
in the patch. This leads me to believe that either I'm doing something
wrong or the other users of this feature have been using --unstable
since this was added to git format-patch.