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Re: Merge commit diff results are confusing and inconsistent

On Tue, May 07, 2019 at 10:58:49AM -0400, Denton Liu wrote:
> For more details, this code[2] just blindly diffs the first two
> endpoints returned preceding `repo_init_revisions`.

If you throw in more than two endpoints, the result is a combined diff
with respect to the first commit. You can have some fun with that, eg
"git diff -c @ @~4 @^^2~4".

> Also, not to rehash an old discussion but I'll let this thread be my
> argument *against* allowing range-notation in git-diff.

Well, I think the most confusing part is to have this undocumented
around. The range notation are basically just the same symbols for
git-diff, but the meaning seems to be quite different. If this is going
to stay - shouldn't there be at least some documentation for people
trying such stuff out? And that we can point to? Or is there a reason to
keep this undocumented?