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Re: Request to add option to interactive rebase to preserve latest commit date

Yes, exactly. When squashing or fixup-ing commits via rebase I really
want "git log" to show the date and time of the rebase operation and
not the date and time of the commit I rebased onto, which could be
months or even years in the past. I once worked on a project where
part of the code-base hadn't been touched in over a year. After
performing a number of WIPs on it over a 4 month period I cleaned up
the final commit using interactive rebase, squashing all the WIPs into
a single commit whose message reflected the actual scope of the
changes that had been made. A naive project manager with limited
understanding of Git other than how to use 'git log' to oversee what
us developers have been up to time-wise was enraged that we had
committed changes months back and appeared to have done nothing since
then. I believe that by adding an option to
'rebase -i hash' that would apply the current date and time of the
operation would be an awesome addition to Git and its user base.


On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 1:45 AM Peter Krefting <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Junio C Hamano:
> > as merely a different way to do the following:
> >
> >       $ git commit -m A
> >       $ edit
> >       $ edit further ;# working tree has an equivalent of C
> >       $ git commit --amend -a
> Indeed. My last command in the chain is usually
>    git commit --amend --date=now
> to set the commit date to now. In my use-case it is often a
> work-in-progress commit that I start out with, which I refine over a
> couple of hours/days/weeks to get working properly (depending on the
> complexity of the change), and when I am finally done, the proper
> dating of the change is "now", not "when I first started doing it".
> > I am still not convinced it is a good idea, but I can see how
> > another verb that behaves like existing "fixup" or "squash" but use
> > the authorship not from the updated but from the updating commit
> > might seem useful.
> I'd be happy with a parameter and/or configuration variable saying
> "amend and rebase uses last commit date".
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