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Re: Cannot access git-scm.com with Tor

On Tue, May 07, 2019 at 07:00:28AM +0000, opal hart wrote:

> I assume this community is at least slightly familiar with Tor and its
> usefulness, so I'll cut to the chase. The Git website git-scm.com is
> behind Cloudflare, which is currently configured to block suspicious
> requests which unfortunately include Tor users. It would be greatly
> appreciated to lower Cloudflare security settings to allow Tor users.
> If the additional traffic really becomes an issue (I see the website
> uses RoR backend [1]) then consider caching pages if that isn't already
> done.

The "security settings" toggle for the site on Cloudflare is already set
to "low", and there are no other restrictions. Is it actually blocking?
Or is it asking for a CAPTCHA?

I can drop it to "essentially off". I don't think the site is very high
risk.  The site is _basically_[1] serving up static content (which isn't
to say there couldn't be some attack against the rails infrastructure,
but it's not like people are logging in, or that there's any non-public
data on the site).

Using Cloudflare or some other caching layer is a necessity. We serve
about 50-60GB of traffic daily, over 98% of which is cached. The load
was quite high when the caching was all done at the Rails layer (though
I wouldn't rule out that there are ways to configure Rails to make this
more optimal; none of the people active in maintaining the site is
particularly knowledgeable there).


[1] It actually could be a static site entirely; there was some push in
    that direction a while ago, but there's a lot of tedious work that
    never got finished. Of course, we'd still need a caching layer.