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Re: git has issues with international characters in branch names

On Sun, May 5, 2019 at 11:16 AM brian m. carlson
<sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sun, May 05, 2019 at 12:27:31PM +0200, Ax Da wrote:
> > The documentation doesn't seem to be clear about which characters are allowed as branch names.
> >
> > We have been using umlauts and apostrophes in our branch names, and both are having issues:
> >
> > - apostrophe:
> >   git removes the apostrophes from the branch name when creating/pushing a branch.
> >   In our TFS server repository we're having the same branch name twice: Once with apostrophes,
> >   and once without. And I don't seem to be able to delete the one without apostrophes.
> >
> > - umlauts:
> >   The umlauts are not correctly interpreted when SMB is used. "gemäss" becomes "gem<C3><A4>ss".
> >   (See images attached.)
> I don't think Git itself has a problem with Unicode. I literally just
> the other day created a branch with a Unicode apostrophe and pushed it
> to GitHub successfully using macOS. It is possible that TFS doesn't like
> them; that depends on the hosting solution you use. If you're seeing
> problems with TFS, I'd reach out to Microsoft for assistance.
> It looks also like the Git CMD interface isn't rendering them properly.
> I would try using Git Bash instead, and if that doesn't work, please
> report that to Git for Windows. The folks there will have a better idea
> about the portability issue that's occurring; I expect there's a wart
> there somewhere between UTF-8 and UTF-16. It may also be that SMB is not
> a good choice for sharing repositories if you require
> internationalization, or you may need to change the character set your
> SMB server uses.

In my experience, the regular command prompt will have significant
troubles displaying UTF-8 characters.

I had better luck in Git Bash, but I don't recall if I had to do
something for it.


> You may also, depending on which version of Windows you are using, have
> better luck at the command line with Windows Subsystem for Linux.
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