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Re: [PATCH v2] status: add an empty line when there is no hint

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 12:15:37PM +0100, Phillip Wood wrote:
> Hi John
> On 30/04/2019 07:02, John Lin wrote:
> > When typing "git status", there is an empty line between
> > the "Changes not staged for commit:" block and the list
> > of changed files.
> I'm a bit confused by this as you change a status test below by inserting
> these blank lines into the expected output, implying they are not there now.
> I think maybe the blank line is only shown when status prints advice.
> > However, when typing "git commit" with
> > no files added, there are no empty lines between them.
> I have to say looking at the changes to the output I prefer the original,
> the lists are nicely indented so there is no need for a blank line to
> separate the header from the list and having the header immediately before
> the list means the blank line at the end of the block makes the extent of
> the block clear. It also saves screen space which is useful for small laptop
> screens. I can see why one might want a blank line to separate the advice
> and list of changes (though even there the indention of the list and advice
> is different) but for a one line header I think it is better to start the
> list on the next line.

I actually was going to submit an equivalent patch eventually. The
inconsistency between status and commit is bothersome to me and I think
that adding the whitespace improves readability.

I'd love to see this picked up.
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