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Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] allow checkout and branch to create branches on a merge base

Denton Liu <liu.denton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Out of respect for your time as the maintainer (since you have a lot of
> topics to deal with), how do you prefer small fixups be submitted?
> * A complete reroll of the whole series
> * A replacement for one patch in the series
> * A follow-up email with an "oops, please change x to y"

Depends on how small your "small" is, but in general, the above is a
good approximation of the preference order.

Wholesale replacement without having to think is the easiest.  When
the latest round is not from a distant past (i.e. less than two
weeks old), replacement patches for only selected steps is also
fine, as I can pretend it is a wholesale replacement by completing
the missing patches by picking them from the mailbox while using the
updated ones.

"Please change x to y" is the least welcome, with a big exception
that it is the easiest when it is a change to a few words in a
single place, either in the log message or a file contents, of a
single patch topic---in other words, something I can deal with
"commit --amend" and needs less than 2 minutes to handle.  Anything
larger than that size and requires me to fire up "rebase -i" starts
to make me wonder why _I_ am doing that, not the topic owner.