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Re: What's cooking in git.git (Apr 2019, #05; Thu, 25)

Taylor Blau <me@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ah, I _can_ see the merge in my local copy (fetched from
> https://github.com/git/git) as c49927fca0 (Merge branch 'tb/unexpected'
> into next, 2019-04-25).
> I looked for the commits themselves with:
>   $ git log --author=Taylor
> on 'next', but only found the first four. I'm sure there's a logical
> explanation of why this happened, but I'm not sure what it is :-).

The last three patches were made out of these messages from you

 Message-Id: <e0bd479e822ce81de280ee6fdd07f608a96b7836.1554861974.git.me@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Message-Id: <88ca5dfe68c4cdb558aff6e90a525ec06f15dbd6.1554861974.git.me@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Message-Id: <e9400a9f773adb62315f75347ad7231b4476a2f4.1554861974.git.me@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

These were you relaying Peff's commits, for example, the topmost one


begins with an in-body header From: with a corresponding sign-off,
both by Peff.