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js/partial-clone-connectivity-check (was: What's cooking in git.git (Apr 2019, #05; Thu, 25))

On 2019.04.25 19:15, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> * js/partial-clone-connectivity-check (2019-04-21) 1 commit
>   (merged to 'next' on 2019-04-25 at ebd8b4bffd)
>  + clone: do faster object check for partial clones
>  During an initial "git clone --depth=..." partial clone, it is
>  pointless to spend cycles for a large portion of the connectivity
>  check that enumerates and skips promisor objects (which by
>  definition is all objects fetched from the other side).  This has
>  been optimized out.
>  Will merge to 'master'.

Peff asked for a perf test for this [1], but I haven't had time to write one
yet. I can do that in a separate patch if you still want to merge this

[1]: https://public-inbox.org/git/20190422213113.GB4728@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/