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Re: [PATCH 5/5] difftool: fallback on merge.guitool

On 4/22/2019 1:07 AM, Denton Liu wrote:
In git-difftool.txt, it says

	'git difftool' falls back to 'git mergetool' config variables when the
	difftool equivalents have not been defined.

However, when `diff.guitool` is missing, it doesn't fallback to
anything. Make git-difftool fallback to `merge.guitool` when `diff.guitool` is

Is this a well-defined operation?

I mean, we're assuming here that a 3-way gui merge tool (that probably
expects 3 input pathnames and maybe a 4th merge-result pathname (and
associated titles and etc)) can function sanely when only given the
pair that a diff would have.

That is, we're assuming that the selected merge tool has a 2-way diff
mode and that the command line args for the 2- and 3-way views are

Just a thought