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Re: [PATCH] revisions.txt: mention <rev>~ form

Denton Liu <liu.denton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > -'<rev>{tilde}<n>', e.g. 'master{tilde}3'::
>> > +'<rev>{tilde}[<n>]', e.g. 'HEAD~, master{tilde}3'::
>> Why doesn't this example say "HEAD{tilde}, master{tilde}3" instead,
>> I wonder?
> According to the doc-diff, it doesn't really make a difference:

I was wondering if "HEAD{tilde}, master{tilde}3" gets formatted
incorrectly and leaving one of them as literal "~" was a deliberate
workaround.  I've seen a quirk like that in AsciiDoc before, where
one pair of some quote that behaves sensibly starts to misbehave
when the second pair is added on the same line.