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[PATCH/RFC 0/2] rebase: add switches to control todo-list setup

From: Phil Hord <phil.hord@xxxxxxxxx>

I have a local patch to rebase--interactive.sh that adds "edit" switches
to rebase, permitting me to say, for example,

    git rebase --drop $sha

This command creates a todo-list but drops the mentioned commit from the
list by changing the "pick" to "drop". Other switches let me edit or
reword a commit in my local history, greatly simplifying my branch
grooming workflow.

With the conversion to rebase.c (yay!) my tools are going away. I'm
porting them to the rewritten rebase*.c and I want to submit them here.
But rebase*.c is still in flux, and my changes have many conflicts with
other inflight changes. I'm happy to wait for those, but in the
meantime, I'd appreciate some feedback on the utility and acceptability
of my plan.

Here's my patch series as it stands today. It lacks documentation and
tests, but it mostly works. Errors are not handled gracefully, but this
will be rectified after I rebase onto pw/rebase-i-internal-rfc.

Currently it supports these switches:

    usage: git rebase [-i] [options] [--exec <cmd>] ...
    --break <revision>    stop before the mentioned ref
    --drop <revision>     drop the mentioned ref from the todo list
    --edit <revision>     edit the mentioned ref instead of picking it
    --reword <revision>   reword the mentioned ref instead of picking it

I have plans to add these, but I don't like how their "onto" will be
controlled. More thinking is needed here.

    --fixup <revision>    fixup the mentioned ref instead of picking it
    --squash <revision>   squash the mentioned ref instead of picking it
    --pick <revision>     pick the mentioned ref onto the start of the list

Phil Hord (2):
  rebase: add switches for drop, edit and reword
  rebase: add --break switch

 builtin/rebase--interactive.c |  49 +++++++++++++++-
 builtin/rebase.c              |  48 ++++++++++++++++
 sequencer.c                   | 105 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 sequencer.h                   |  22 ++++++-
 4 files changed, 207 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)