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Resolving deltas dominates clone time

We have a serious performance problem with one of our large repos. The repo is 
our internal version of the android platform/manifest project. Our repo after 
running a clean "repack -A -d -F" is close to 8G in size, has over 700K refs, 
and it has over 8M objects. The repo takes around 40min to clone locally (same 
disk to same disk) using git on a high end machine (56 processors, 
128GB RAM)! It takes around 10mins before getting to the resolving deltas 
phase which then takes most of the rest of the time.

While this is a fairly large repo, a straight cp -r of the repo takes less 
than 2mins, so I would expect a clone to be on the same order of magnitude in 
time. For perspective, I have a kernel/msm repo with a third of the ref count 
and double the object count which takes only around 20mins to clone on the 
same machine (still slower than I would like).

I mention because we have many old machines which need this. However, 
I also tested this with git v2.18 and it actually is much slower even 

Reading the advice on the net, people seem to think that repacking with 
shorter delta-chains would help improve this. I have not had any success with 
this yet.

I have been thinking about this problem, and I suspect that this compute time 
is actually spent doing SHA1 calculations, is that possible? Some basic back 
of the envelope math and scripting seems to show that the repo may actually 
contain about 2TB of data if you add up the size of all the objects in the 
repo. Some quick research on the net seems to indicate that we might be able 
to expect something around 500MB/s throughput on computing SHA1s, does that 
seem reasonable? If I really have 2TB of data, should it then take around 
66mins to get the SHA1s for all that data? Could my repo clone time really be 
dominated by SHA1 math?

Any advice on how to speed up cloning this repo, or what to pursue more 
in my investigation?



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