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Re: [BUG] GIT_SSH_COMMAND is not being decomposed

Am 15.04.19 um 21:20 schrieb Randall S. Becker:
> What is strange is that GIT_SSH_COMMAND='/usr/bin/ssh -v' should not
> execute if we are just looking at an object path. It should be broken
> into '/usr/bin/ssh' and '-v' otherwise spawn* or exec* will not
> execute it. I'm still trying to understand why I can successfully do
> things like the following:>
> $ GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -i ~/.ssh/myid" git fetch
> on virtually any platform at my disposal (Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, the
> older NonStop variant), and have that work with no problem. Somewhere
> after get_ssh_command(), the command is being interpreted it its
> parts either as a shell or something else (still trying to find
> that).
Have a look at fill_ssh_args() and determine_ssh_variant() in connect.c.
Quite a lot is going on there. I don't see immediately why it doesn't
follow the usual logic in your case, though.

-- Hannes