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Re: [PATCH v6 3/6] blame: add the ability to ignore commits and their changes

On 4/14/19 6:42 AM, Michael Platings wrote:
+     the `blame.ignoreRevsFile` config option.  An empty file name, `""`, will
+     clear the list of revs from previously processed files.

Maybe I haven't read this carefully enough but the use-case for this
doesn't seem to be explained, you need this for the option, but the
config file too? If I want to override fsck.skipList I do
`fsck.skipList=/dev/zero`. Isn't that enough for this use-case without
introducing config state-machine magic?

The difference between blame.ignoreRevsFile and fsck.skipList is that
ignoreRevsFile can be specified repeatedly. This is useful if you have
one file listing reformatting commits, another listing renaming
commits etc. Or maybe a checked-in list of commits to ignore, and a
personal list of commits to ignore. However sometimes you're going to
want to *not* ignore those commits, so you need a way to discard the
previously specified options. To accommodate all operating systems an
empty string seems the best way to do this.

In a previous round of reviews[1], this style was recommended. It's based on what credential.helper does.

The main thing I've been using the --ignore-revs-file="" for is to turn off my default ignore list for debugging. =)



[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/nycvar.QRO.