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Re: incorrect range-diff output?

Hi Junio,

On Sat, 13 Apr 2019, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Thomas Gummerer <t.gummerer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I'm not sure what the right solution for this is.  I think one thing
> > I'd like range-diff to do is to add the filename, or some context
> > (e.g. is this part of the commit message etc.) to the @@ line (not
> > sure what that is called?).
> Perhaps the inner diff can be done with the usual funcname/xfuncname
> logic so that the real function name of the payload is on the @@
> lines (they are internally called "hunk header" lines, I think).
> And then the outer diff (i.e. the one that compares two inner diff
> output) can use a special funcname pattern that says "treat the
> lines that begin with '@@ ' as the function name line", instead of
> (or in addition to??) the logic that says "lines that begin with
> 'diff --git' have interesting information" which led to a misleading
> piece of information in the range-diff output under discussion,
> perhaps?

Note that the inner hunk headers are often not even in the outer hunks.

So I still think that it would make most sense to populate the outer hunk
headers with useful information.