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Re: [PATCH 1/2] archive: replace write_or_die() calls with write_block_or_die()

Hey Peff!

On 2019-04-13  1:34 UTC Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What is gzwrite()?
> [...]
> I think it would be less confusing if this just factored out
> write_block_or_die(), which starts as a thin wrapper and then grows the
> gzip parts in the next patch.

You are right, it might appear to someone as a bit confusing, but I feel
like, this is the right commit to put it.

> Is it OK for us to ask about the truthiness of this opaque type? That
> works if it's really a pointer behind the scenes, but it seems like it
> would be equally OK for zlib to declare it as a struct.

It would be perfectly sane on zlib's part to make gzFile a struct, and if
so happens, I'll be there to refactor the code.