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Re: [PATCH v6 4/6] blame: add config options to handle output for ignored lines

Barret Rhoden <brho@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Sometimes we are unable to even guess at what commit touched a line.
> These lines are 'unblamable.'  The second option,
> blame.maskIgnoredUnblamables, will zero the hash of any unblamable line.
> For example, say we ignore e5e8d36d04cbe:
> 	e5e8d36d04cbe (Barret Rhoden  2016-04-11 13:57:54 -0400 26)
> appears as:
> 	0000000000000 (Barret Rhoden  2016-04-11 13:57:54 -0400 26)

Wouldn't this make it impossible to tell between what's done by such
a commit that was marked to be ignored, and what's done locally only
in the working tree, which the users have long accustomed to see
with the ^0*$ object name?  I think it would make a lot more sense
to show the object name of the "ignored" commit, which would be
recognizable by the user who fed such an object name to the command
in the first place.  Alternatively, perhaps the same idea as replacing
one of the hexdigits with '*' used by the other configuration can be
applied to this as well?