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Re: [PATCH 2/2] archive: avoid spawning `gzip`

Am 13.04.2019 um 03:51 schrieb Jeff King:
> On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 04:04:40PM -0700, Rohit Ashiwal via GitGitGadget wrote:
>> From: Rohit Ashiwal <rohit.ashiwal265@xxxxxxxxx>
>> As we already link to the zlib library, we can perform the compression
>> without even requiring gzip on the host machine.
> Very cool. It's nice to drop a dependency, and this should be a bit more
> efficient, too.

Getting rid of dependencies is good, and using zlib is the obvious way to
generate .tgz files. Last time I tried something like that, a separate gzip
process was faster, though -- at least on Linux [1].  How does this one

Doing compression in its own thread may be a good idea.


[1] http://public-inbox.org/git/4AAAC8CE.8020302@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/