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[BUG] GIT_SSH_COMMAND is not being decomposed

I am encountering a problem on one of our NonStop platform variants where
the GIT_SSH_COMMAND string is not being broken into constituent parts. This
is causing SSH to not run properly. As background, SSH is not in a standard
location and has non-standard required arguments. This also occurs with
core.sshCommand. The situation is:

git config --global core.sshCommand '/G/system/zssh/sshossz5 -Q'

which correctly sets .gitconfig as:

        sshCommand = /G/system/zssh/sshossz5 -Q

When git is run with GIT_TRACE=true GIT_PACKET_TRACE=true git fetch

We get the partial trace:
14:19:56.027088 trace: built-in: git fetch
14:19:56.029895 trace: run_command: '/G/system/zssh/sshossz5 -Q' -G

The same trace on our systems that actually do work results in:
14:19:56.029895 trace: run_command: '/G/system/zssh/sshossz5' '-Q' -G

I need help resolving why this is happening (as in where to look and debug
the situation).


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